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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Hello everyone!!

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This is my first post, so I thinks is very important that I talk about things you need to know before planning an event. I know this can be really stressful for you, getting quotes or understand your budget. Is all about of taking decision through the process.

So here we go.

1. Budget: this Is the first thing you need to decide before start looking for vendors, venues, decor, etc. Is very important that you know how much you want to spend in your next event.

2. Venue: Hall, yard or a house? Depends on the type of venue you choose is going to impact your budget and also the kind of decor you need. I always recommend to do a site inspection before you close the deal and be sure that this fit your needs.

3. Hire a Profesional: Sometime hire an event professional can be expensive but also is a guarantee "Stress-free" event for you. Think about what you need" just an event designer, event decor, or party planner? there's a difference between them. So choose which one work for you..

4. Rental Services: Sometimes you need to hire and quote item for a party rental company. is very important you know how this work. If you decide do It yourself this is a good option. instead of invest money in item that you are no going to use anymore. The party rental offers stylish equipment for an affordable price. they had delivery options and pick up in store. Choose which is best for you.

5. Contract: this is the most important part in every deal you closed for your next event. be aware to read every single details in your contract. If you are agreed with all the terms and conditions then go ahead and sign It. If not, then talk with your vendor about the terms and see if you can make a new agreement with them.

No forget this suppose to be a beautiful experience for you, enjoy every step of the process.

So hope this info can be useful for y'all

thanks a lot for the support..

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